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Through the body of light
In return
Enter into the unknown ongoing bliss
     Magic there
Peace finds new fotune in soul of you
Self realise in the knowledgable
Respect the moral divide
Unified essence evolve
In understandings bond
In infinite rides
Silence stands there shadowing
In person once alive
Unrefined pure at one
With the cycle of the day
Returns the inevitable light 
One may
In touch with
Life beyond
All reason or dismay
I at one with the die
Then the will conserved
The vital sign observed
The height of polar mind
Wise addressed at best
Heart contest won
Safe locked in gravities throne
With sovereign head now clear
A gain my word
My word in thought
My word forgot
Within the grave of sight
Light, light,light
I'm there
O sleeping one

                               My gentle teacher dressed in light who has the right on side            
In working testament of life in free mind mystified
Caressed in form in golden orb and silver light within
Propels the spirit in true flight to where the end begins
To fields of thought and plenty of stature strength and might
Of Heaven and the Holy Ghost for guidance infinite

My gentle teacher shining bright with whom I walk in will
In understanding futures path in trust I shall until
The birth of light becomes me and we become as one
As time becomes forever and release will have begun
To free the timeless spirit in everyone that's fair
To hold on to the present to go where God knows where 

My gentle teacher with my sight I see that you are near
Embellished with the gift of life in joy that you are here
In lifting hearts propulsion to attune to heavens delight
With friendship come together and where people all unite
As in the ring of value when purpose joins with those
Who acknowledge life in fulness in acceptance there they chose 

My gentle teacher here inside so silent as the sky
So close in calm emotion so still aware of my
Life in many changes and patient thoughts to bear
That eternity claims the sacred to work in all its care
For reason and unknowing for everyone to be
Aware of right in being, one of the true that's free 

I am the white cloud and the whispering owl
I am the black mountain and the soul of the low

I am the chief in infinite time

the brave of the conscience in isolate mind
I am the light of all rays
I'm the sun and the orb and the spirit at play
I'm superstition one's luck of the wish
The great God of notion the link and the kiss

I'm the reminder of care in heavens insight

 that's true and so sure
I'm musical angels in tunes of the night
in presence so cool and so pure
I'm the purpose of life the white light of travel
The beaming clown painted in smile
I'm invested with power gifted with awe
in earful of transcended worth
I'm denial acceptance and astral importance
positive eye flown on wind
I'm personal conditional and spent emotion
 gentle hands two of a kind
I'm eternal residual 
mystical light

In silent light in a new way and form
Ascending the heavens soft whispery call
In wise intuition inner sense to insight
Generating the feelings to beings in light
In golden emotion bequeathed and to bless
Some pilgrim whose search began with a rest
In peace will come each in reaching for grace
And the maker in mind creates a new race
In spirit in power in love just to hold
The message of worth is the gift that unfolds
In communion of angels higher levels evolve
Seeing beggars and poets and wishes to solve
In variant light so appears surreal
And souls of our loved ones come forward I feel
In embrace in union believed there to find
That the ones we thought lost were not left behind
In dignified pleasure and faithful respect
Put morals to reason that no-one expects
In sure and in short in wisdom so tall
The work freedom gives us is commitment for all
In active the heart right to the end
The gift of the message to each comprehend
In divining the pathway that enlightens the flow
Acceptance of life so tranquil the soul

When you've lost a loved one and you need to see their face

Lift your thoughts in feeling to the light of inner grace

Embrace in warm emotion and the wish to satisfy

The will of open reason is because you questioned why

As the gift of life succumbs you to eternal love in kind

And your loved ones meet you in between your spirit and your mind

It's as if the sunrise beckons each day to raise your smile

Justifying proof of life, I'm sure that they'll oblige

Given with affection to guide you through each day

The light that walks within us is there to show the way

So ask your loved ones gently to unite today in prayer

And bring their mindful message to show us they are there

As beyond the flesh their spirits in glory they are raised

To free the lock of human life in heaven they are praised

With heartfelt close encounters with their family and friends

In senses that are brought about in the message that they send

As rest assured the best will come in this meeting place of bliss

In presence of the passing and where words become a kiss

Where life is never ending while the loves still going round

And the one you thought was ever lost has only just been found


A little boy went flying high

On his imagination in the sky

To find a place of shimmering gold

On wings of light and hands that fold

His flight of fancy flashed and fast

Was soul and spirit and future past

Silver birds of radiant blue

He glimpsed as he went soaring through

A spiral chamber webbed in glass

Where spiders threads of senses mass

On another plane that vision caught

A greeting blessed this astronaut

There a table laid in silken bronze

Before his eyes to right his wrongs

Where candlesticks placed close apart

Lights a life with love and heart

Last suppers spread out neat and true

A feast prepared for special few

With energy to propel his faith

Back forward through a heavenly gate


Released in a dream awakened by God
Is the Goddess of dawn the grace and the rod
In loves solar place innocence of the mind
This fresh singing soul is placing mankind
To adhere to the nature of loves calm intent
The colour of wind and the touch of the scent
Its true vibrant message there wrapped in a ball
Is earths pathway to progress uniting us all
Expanding our feelings to see through the blind
Souls other dimension and times there to find
As swiftly its passing in men over the hill
While life is there waiting to enter the still
In a frame theres a spirit of orbital bliss
To await hands made in heaven on a whispering kiss
A voice of the soul inner vision I be
Silent in light and the wish that to see
Creating all beauty in silver and gold
This flight of the soul is so tender and bold
A ghost there in blessing to heal to the task
The light of our saviour is lifting the mask
As auras revealed above angels that lie
This is the gift that meets uniform eye
So rise all above this lift up your soul
Calm sorrow and suffering as this is our goal
Rejoice in the knowledge that we're not alone
Safe in the comfort of times holy throne
On the beat of the heart and the pulse of the brave
Uplift children in truth from pains of the grave
Understand nature in airs skylight blue

Soul vision of life as in me is in you


Last night I felt so sleepy as I retired to my bed

A warmish comfort feeling started dreaming in my head

A cliff so tall I' m seeing  there I' m standing on the edge

As eagles in flight are flying to a nest that's on a ledge

I have a thought to join them so free they look to me

But what it was I didn't know that all was not to be

I descended all to quickly a slip was what it seemed

I felt that I was floating that's normal in my dream

Then gaping eyes wide open I stumbled on a stone

As winds are rising sharply I feel I hover there alone

When to my amazement thoughts reaching for my soul

Of things so bright with hands held tight appearing through a whole

Then a whispered voice said softly look and turn your head

At healing hands all waving to show me I' m not dead

Then why do I feel I' m floating I ask you guide my way

Come climb aboard this butterfly I'll show why you can't stay

All creation stood there cheering throwing bunting in the air

And as I glided past them their smiles made me aware

Of golden angels promise an oath I won't forget

Please go back where you came from we're not ready for you yet

Then turning round so sharply the butterfly excelled

To return me back so safely to the time that I had fell

Please take yourself to reason a thought placed in my mind

One day soon we'll keep our promise to join us your our kind

When the time will come to cherish your contract finally done

For thoughts you held for people to live in peace there all as one 


Our minds will see as well with our eyes the future of insight at play

Same the ear of clarity blessed the word the life and the way

In guidance to speak the spirit reveals the light and the pathway today

As voices of loved ones surround us vibrating through timeless array

With sense in our heart a warm feeling that transends us to peace as we pray

In belief that the light that transforms us in presence of love and in praise

Apart coming together in friendship and bringing the two worlds as one

The gift that is faithful to reason is open to each life in sum

To forward ourselves in devotion to travel the will of our soul

As being ourselves in this moment is the ultimate sense and our goal

So display the essence of being and unite with life and its source

Then follow the stream of humanity and continue the common approach

As eternities here in abundance and we're here to take care of its worth

Bless the sign of the soul that we carry be granted to each life on earth

On a stairway to heaven I found you although shrouded in dreams in my head

I heard a voice say don't be frightened I'm a spirit alive and not dead

I've come to help you find solice was the thought that was placed in my mind

With a light that lit up the bedroom to show eyes of blue or some kind

Come out of the dark I beseech you show the true face it's alright

As a golden appearance surrounding the purest embrace of the night

Sleep free from the fears in the ether the warmth of the night is for free

And the man with a torch in his mind is a spirit of love just you see

He's a white night in spiritual splendour who comes close to your bed every night

He stands in a glistening aura to gaurd you from nightmares and fright

He can open a door at an instance to allow all the fears there to flow

His help is a unique experience in helping the inner sense glow

So light up your bedroom with trusting to know that your safe in your bed

And the spirit that's watching you safely is your friend alive and not dead



Life is unpredictable yet sometimes so predictable

Seems a purposeless purpose with will

Life can be anxious,patient and quiet

So tedious loving and still

Life pays the dear price of ignorance

Each and every time that we're born

Life's a walk on this way of learning

That unveils the truth of a natural dawn

Life's a being to rally dimensions

Cross darkness that leads to the light

Life's a lifting of hearts close together

As one we can all share the sight

Life's red skies of blue that are parted

To walk in good faith through the void

Life's open hearts shaped in a locket

The door closer to heaven and God

Life's the cell that humanly unlocks it

The prism through life and deaths door

Life's future and past is astride this

One's respect is the shield evermore

Life can be decent,secure or just valiant

A spare ride that never gives up

Life is Love, God and the Devil

The protections with each suited cup

Lifes a framework in double exposure

A ghostly picture refreshed in time

Life's the keys cut to perfection

In safe keeping ones Gods and ones mine
Swift the contacts broken souls set free to fly
Steely fixtures lay in state so mournful eyes can pry
Sole allure to the shinning silver power magnitised
Sturdy pylons of the field stiff bodies lives that died
Some universal facts to face streamlines that all combine
Space outside is loves crusade searchlights that ever shine
See we create the universe sure God expands this space
Strict limits of his patience sacred peace is in this place
Seccumb to search for solitude speak freedom know its worth
Special wishes sent to aid still life here lost on earth
This is the wonder this is ones choice
This is the side of life with a voice
This is divine much more than light
This is the power glory and might
This is the title where every one goes
This is the world that every soul knows
This is the time the richness of air
This is the place of definitive care
This is the eye the others the mind
This is circumference simply for kind
This is the other side talking to you
This is deliverance nothing is new
This is a way believe it or not
This is the present that man has forgot
This is the future although it’s the past
This is the gift that life has to cast
This is the love free and for real
This is the comfort that another can feel
This is some heaven call it your will
This is forever complete and there still
This is the man that life has to shod
This is the truth some call it god
This is the word the depth of the ride
This is the living on the other side 



Send out your thoughts

Children of light

Someone can see them you know

Let them all go

Release comes to mind

Endless wishes are sown

Collect joy in the face of an angel

Light the silence of wave

Respect life

Time is gifted to save

In truth the power united

Beautified soul

Comes the gain

In heart the line of ascension

Bless peace

Rights richness of reign


Gentle light in loves clear mind

Pure reality embraced

The life and time of tender age

Lies upon the smile of grace

As seen in man of plenty

Mature in every ear

Sound atmospheres in presence felt

To warm an ending tear

In blessed emotion brought as one

Shared with the ghost of life

One and many moons shall pass

To raise the morning light

In joy triumphant trumpets sound

Within the darkest room

Constructing voices from the grave

In lifting hearts in tune

As feelings come together

One wish becomes the same

As eternity joins the present

In essence the spirits name

Illumined senses vanquished

To enjoy the birth of time

Then days and nights and grey thoughts

Become placed in soft sublime


     Breathing Love
Be still and calm in the silence of your inner temple
Knowing the great cohesive power of divine inclusive love
Breath in the breath of life be its awakening flow
Spiraling into the Godhead return to the eternal core
Holding time holding breath hold the inner flame
Lovingly burn all that separates mankind from the spiritual domain
In a state of grace slowly release with mindful eye
All the love your being has known
Transmit to all in thought word and deed
That which has lived through you
The liberating and regenerating power of pure love 

                                    by George Brown                                  


Above the rainbow through we know the pathway to heaven lies
Shadow us golden this side of life
And guide us to paradise
With rhythm and rhyme and natures address
and silver souls wishes so true
Contentment in earnest bountiful blest
In the spirit of life that is you
Through power and might
and well minded minds
invoking a positive way
Understanding that we are the word
 and the influent
present today
In constitute light to keep us in joy
as to each other we bring
The purpose of life as bonded in love
and the energy shared in a ring
As nature credits us once in a while
with people who work with their kind
and happiness blessed upon others
Is the work of compassionate mind
to continue to love and to cherish
 the very fact life has to last
And vibrancy shone through the maker
is the goodness that light has to cast


Circle Of Awareness

First we take our places in a circle in a ring,straight backs and mind at ease to wait and see what spirit brings

We sit and listen to our feelings and the silent inner voice,to see what lessons need be learnt for others to rejoice

We concentrate our minds eye as we focus on the cross,then in a flicker in a flame appears a love that’s never lost

It brings to us contentment and a warming care embrace,to show us in awareness our natural path is there to trace

We might sense it in a colour projected clear upon the floor, we might see it in a light shining through each enlightened door

We might see it in the air as love goes spinning round, we might see it in the centre suspended free above the ground

We might receive a timely message to help progress a soul in need,we’re sure to link up in each will that everybody feeds

In a word or two of comfort voiced clear across this space,this is the circle of awareness that each true person has to face


Vibrant blue and pink and white in light eyes royal be
In silver thread the link in us so that the soul can see
For seers true in voyeur time
Leads all that’s living free
In flight and gift and presence felt around the human tree
Of kind and kin the wealth of right explores the world of we
In might and power the life force comes
 in one it comes as three
To lift and rise the spirit
Complete in gold and clear
In still the pool of love conforms in the atmosphere
Revealing walks of life thought far away and near
In entrance of the natural guide
to take control and steer
Through mystics wind the utmost sight
Uplifts the will from fear
On foot to stand the test of time at ease the sense to be

Eternal wish that serves the true  

At peace the one decree


In power I lay
in the substance of life
the relevant sense of the light
I’m the subtle word of inner value
 the quality message by right
I’m the healer of sorts in wishes to come
the glow that’s in public embrace
Some will call me the almighty father
the one that created the race
In belief I will always be open
to receive every hope that’s in kind
Since the age of uncertainty dwelling
in each one of conscience and mind
So please knock on my door of peace gently
 while my spirit
acknowledge the worth
As silent release is so friendly
 brought about by the ones above earth
For eternal life hands us the welcome
as acceptance to heaven is free
As one heart is proportioned as equal
and ones prize is eternity
In deed, one sweet word is spoken
 the moment delivered above
And the blessing of will that is with you
becomes the triumph of love

Inner self in relation completed, unifies life into infinite time

And conception through death the souls gateway is effortless birth in its prime


I am the thousand eyes
I am the eye that’s one
I am the light that sleeps
I am the new born sun
I am the lamb that’s lost
I am the love in everyone
I am the spirit of the deep
I am the one when alls been done
I am the segmented kaleidoscope
I am the whole when time began
I am the forest wind
I am the wool before it’s spun
I am the ether in the air
I am the one you tried to shun
I am the fire in your heart
I am the oven for your bun

I am the one part of the whole

I am the heaven the earth the one


Imagine spectre eyes of etheric pink
Spark whizzing wheels that make you think
If everything is meant to be
To cross this bridge to senses real
Where in vapour clouds a figure forms
Of a life that’s shown before its born
To walk the stairway fast through life
To slow the thoughts of man and wife
To open doors to worlds unknown
To search and find the seed that’s sown
In earth and air true balance be
Blown swift in love and so carefree
Through winds and fire the pathways space
Cracked glass reflects the spirits face
In hallways marked by arrows gold
The passageway to heaven untold
Unfolds a pulse that’s kept in check
By the faith and eyes in golden fleck
Curved two ways met in middle sight
Spied open wide in warmth of night
Leading all mighty be-am things
Inner world of light on a breath that sings
Sweet birds on wings in bodies whole
Radiate white light and turns you cool

                 Guiding temperate dreams of stare               

    Peace unlocks a world of loving care


I’m looking to the heavens in a mansion white that’s there          
To a room that’s filled with thoughts where decisions are judged and fair
There I see two rows of people twelve on either side
Of a man sat in the centre with hands on eyes to hide
The grief of what he’s seeing in a ball of crystal blue
Is the hurt of all humanity showing through the hue
In tears he stands and turns his head to summon his servants bold
Prepare a ship for travel to a world where care’s gone cold
o out he walks on marble black a whole departure pad
To leave the ones whose shinning clear minds that cure bad
True waves wish him well in being ideas of guided flight
Of extended hearts in knowing he’ll be steered by the light
Of a million stars in journey cross a spiritual heavenly place
Where his hand commands the wheel and starts to turn the
human race
Round mountains high in ego to silver fountains spraying gold
To show the earth is open to love to have to hold
It’s memories of eternity as peace approaches silent from above
land this graceful father safe on attest that's meant           




Love is a birthright with nature it came
To bring us contentment in life and in name
Love is a feeling a sensation of thought
Transmitted from light the signal it
Love is an existence sometimes all alone
A mirror reflection a soul on its own
 Love is the limit free from the start
To distance from hate it’s fresh from the
Love is a word for some its just show
Kidding themselves a fact they must know
Love is a power magnetic with might

A positive charge a guide to the light

Love is forever featured forever with me
Loves all of my life a soul I can see


Open the soul to eternity’s light
An endless co-ordinate real
In safer grasp the work of life
Entails the sense of feel
In vision encased in time to enfold
The future in freedom and peace
When the spirit and soul comes together
In one and the many release
Intelligent questions when answered
Combine with the wish of mankind
So revealing the truth of all being
When the search becomes easier to find
Then elapsing the past and the present
In sacrifice blessed with the gift
As able and ready is waiting
In forgiving the unkindest of rift
To unite once again in the making
Of places of oneness in awe
Bless bringing together the soul light
To the future that everyone saw
Then written to end every chapter
As life unfolds everyone’s dream
In endless communion with angels
The source of well-beings the stream


Currency is the power of creation

Priceless in data consent

In capacity of conscience and virtue

Mass-producing the energy spent

Net value resulting in access

To wavelengths that’s simple to see

In rise through the mind and the spirit

This process is actual and free

To new times and present horizons

May each have the might on their side

In escorting the thoughts of our nature

So children in future can ride

On pre-installed programs of soul light

Generations are gifted in sense

And the order of understanding

Belongs in deliverance



 I’m temped to buy you a lucky charm or a present wrapped in gold

To give to you for friendship

Your love you gave untold

To everyone you gave your safety in peace with care and love

You also gave sound instruction

From the spirits up above

You always cared for others although your heart was bleeding too

You passed your only possession

To help guide souls that’s lost in view

You gave us all your warmth and feelings that encircled in our home

You held your hand for others

To step each learning stone

But now the time has come your commitments set you free

As you must live for life

To console another family

But as you walk away you leave us in no doubt

That our friendship grew in love

In the peace that came about

So I bless your path in happiness you’ve earned it as your rite

Just remember there is never any distance

In this precious gift called light

I’m sorry I can’t give you anymore as tears wash away my mind

To clearly see now that friendship

Is the gift that heals mankind

So I sincerely thank you for helping me with these words I write so true

I accept the name of friendship

So go friend God bless you




  Light is the medium we utilize with the power and freedom of will
In good thoughts of friendship and progress
to gather together until
The peace of the mind is the workplace
One's calm is the present to see
Infinite futures continue
to bring now nearer for free
As eternity shows us the guidance
to fulfil a lifetime to cope
That the greater light in abundance
shares its secrets with those in the hope
For people to grow, sow in sunshine
Sure to decide with good face
As the natural love one that makes us

Is the point past the change in shared