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Mediumship in Children 

This subject has been written to help parents or guardians understand what a child maybe experiencing if they have mediumistic abilities.

All children are special, some do experience a different awareness because they remember their journey as a spirit light and as a pure spirit are still in touch with spirit awareness.
To let their child know they are normal and not to make a big deal out of it is my personal best advice. However I really don't think that the natural flow of their mediumship should be glorified and made out to be as if they are special giving by them an ego and making the untrained child want to pursue it and seek more spirits.

I truly believe that psychic children should be allowed to flourish at there own pace. In many instances signs of their mediumship disappear as normal life takes hold, as they get older. This is perfect, but I know from people that I have read for that they want to encourage their psychic children for fear of their child losing the gift. I can promise you they will never lose their gift it just lays dormant for a few years until they have had certain experiences in their earthly life, then all of a sudden their gifts reappear as if by magic, Continuing the course of natural progress.

Concerns of the parent could well be because it is against their religious beliefs and understanding and they think their child is lying, going mad or even attention seeking.

Is My Child Psychic ???

Is your child very sensitive?

Do they see circles, flashes and sparkles of lights?

Do they feel uncomfortable in certain rooms?

Do they see dead people?

Imaginary friends?

Hear voices?

Have Visions?

Have an uncanny knowing about them?

Do they have disturbing dreams?

Mediumship in children is not rare it has been happening for hundreds of years, thinking of your own childhood I expect there were occasions when you sensed or saw a spirit energy maybe not as often or as strong as your child, however the majority of people have a story to tell.

However, it does not mean the parents should encourage their children to practice mediumship because it can negatively nterfere in the emotional development of the child. The body and mind immaturity is an obstacle to a balanced development of mediumship, as well as its practice. Let it take its natural course.

One of the most common senses to be used is that of
clairvoyance (seeing) but some do hear as well (Clairaudience)

Children normally start of by seeing family members who have so called died, Grandparents, Mums Dads, Uncles and Aunts. They can describe them perfectly and may even get a message. How beautiful is that, a loved one coming forward to let the little spirit messenger know that they are well and happy and so spiritually alive.
Then they will be introduced to their guide a little further on down the line, their Spirit Guardian, the person who will help them through life. That person will come on a loving vibration and only has the highest of intentions.

Adults seem to be more afraid than the children and this is where lack of understanding can start to create fear in a child. These perceptions should be treated as normal, by neither scaring them or to the other extent glorifying them giving them an ego. By letting it take it’s natural course it and not pushing your child you will avoid the mental confusion that it can bring if it is strongly encouraged by the parent.

If your child is showing signs of
mediumship, I do suggest that you find out as much as you can about it yourself, there are plenty of web sites that talk on mediumship. Go to a spiritualist church or centre, talk to the demonstrating medium or a member. Read books on the afterlife, the philosophy of spirit is a beautiful awakening.
By educating yourself you will be able to understand your child more and it will  help them with their own progress and maybe confusion. To let them know that what they are experiencing is a natural gift.

Films: a good one to start with is Watership down for the younger child.

For the older child, Ghost with Whoopi Goldberg, is an uplifting as near as true to life film that will not frighten them as it has a lot of humor there too. Watch it yourself first to make sure it is suitable

More and more childrens books are being written and published about the spirit world. Amazon is a great place to find childrens books. 

Prayers are important 



Nite Nite Prayers for Children

It is important that a child as he or she develops more learns to close down especially if they are under obsessive spiritual influence parents should seek spiritual advise here from a medium. Every medium whether child or adult should be disciplined with their gifts. Obviously the younger child will learn this, as they get a little older.

Opening and closing to the spirit world is just a thought, a swing in their mind consciousness. (I will talk more on this matter soon)
Control is important opening and closing to spirit, a child has to sleep rather than being kept awake. Thay need to understand that there are differences in energy and vibrations they need the element of control, by not linking, ignoring, asking their guides to stand back it will happen in time as they progress.

The Fearful young child

Please do not allow your fears or anybody else’s fear to effect to your child; this can lead to bad dreams and behavioural problems. Understanding and education is what is needed.
The obsessions on kids are not common, not only by their innocent behaviour, and by the protection they receive, but also due to the little influence of the unconsciousness complex.

A spirit would never tell a child what to do, what to eat, wear or to do something that is wrong. Spirits aren’t controlling if this happens as a parent you should ask the spirit to step back and that would be done with a loving energy.

Bunny rabbits when children are scared

More and more children are aware of the spirit world than ever. A new age is dawning and along with the beauty of spirit you have to be aware that sometimes children can feel uncomfortable with what they are sensing, feeling, hearing or seeing. Especially if they have grown a bit fearful for some reason.

Remember there is nothing to fear only fear creating fear

Remembering yourselves when you were a child that you never spoke to strangers and if a stranger came up to you, you would be very wary and cautious. It's the same in the spirit world with children seeing spirits complete strangers to them and can be very unnerving for them. Some come with a beautiful radiance and full of love, family members and guides. Others maybe needing help, maybe wanting to get a message to somebody or just nosey and want to check out that beautiful light your child has around them. Curious to see if they can make contact, this is the energy that children sometimes do not feel comfortable with as they do not recognise them or feel that ancestral link.
So if your child does not like the room he or she is sleeping in or is fear full in any way a good little exercise for the young child to do is ….

Bunny Rabbits
A little safe house in your Child's mind, it works

When your child is afraid you can help by, making up a story as if they were a bunny rabbit just like Peter Rabbit from Beatrix Potter, bunnies dig a tunnel in the ground a warren, their safe place away from predators. Make up a story and get your child to visualise themselves as a rabbit, make it fun, tell them that no harm can come to rabbits in their safe place get your child to visualise, being in the burrow and they can decorate their special home with the things they love, soft furnishings, teddy’s, toys and games. This is there secret hide away place where nobody can see them. Once they have created this in their mind they can go there anytime.
(A burrow is a hole or tunnel dug into the ground by an animal to create a space suitable for habitation, temporary refuge, or as a by product of locomotion. Burrows provide a form of shelter against predation and exposure to the elements, so the burrowing way of life is safe and quite popular among the animals.)

Remember that all children are special, some do experience a different awareness because they remember their journey as a spirit light, some lose temporarily because of their environment and the fact they are getting on with other elements and journeys in their life. To be enhanced again another day when they are ready.  

Our Children of The Light

Our Children are all Children of the Light.  We are Children of the Light.  We are all Children of God...  There is not a single creation that does not have the light of God within it. The Earth, the stars, the moons, the suns, all are manifestations from the Source.  Every particle is a thought manifested for God's experience, for our experience, for beings that we don't even realize exist, for their experience too.

All is alive, and held together in form by God.  All kinds of vibrations and dimensions of creation exist from God's Children playing in the  wonderland of fission, light, sound, space, matter and anti-matter.   God's  Children have helped in creating with their thoughts, words, actions, intent and with their hands.   Children of The Light are so named by us for the children that are awake and aware of their Father/Mother God's true will for them and they radiate it out from their thoughts, feelings, words and desires for others and the world around them.  These are the children of peace, love and understanding.  The ones that know their true Source and are able to radiate this love out to touch others lives.  They are able to fulfill their own life and feel peacefully sustained by allowing the harmony of God's presence to feed their heart, mind, body and soul.

copyright 2002 by Laura Lynn Scholl