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Simply Spiritualist Church offer Spiritual Healing with Registered
                           and fully Insured Healers.Healing is given on request at the Church
Private visits can be arranged. 
Spiritual healing is distinguished from other therapies and practices by being non-evasive;
seeks the wholeness of the patient by the power of Love,
bringing spirit, mind and body 
into harmony and releasing more fully
the curative powers of the body so they come into play.
It recognises the Source of healing to be the Creater and the Divine
Universal Life Force.


                                                   Distant Healing
                Distant healing is healing performed when the person is not present. 
      It is possible to transmit healing energies over any distance and this form of healing
        can be very effective. The person may or may not be aware that this healing has
       been undertaken for them but may attain much benefit from it coming as it does
            from the love and concern that their friends and relatives have for them.
          Every week, on Monday night, we unite our thoughts for the purpose of sending
         Distant Healing. Distant Healing exists to meet the needs of those people who are
                           either unable to receive healing at the Church or who
                                     prefer to receive healing this way.
                           If you or someone you know would like to receive
                             Distant Healing please contact us asking that
                         Distant Healing be sent and telling us who needs
            the Healing and as much as you wish about why Healing is needed.
             We will then do everything we can for the person you have named.
         We can never promise a particular outcome but it is unusual for healing
                                     not to be helpful in some way.



While you are visiting our healing page would you be kind enough to send your thoughts out for those names listed below

Mitchell Edwards aged 2 yrs         Adam aged 10         Ann Turner      Lisa JaneCatherine Simpson     
Isabella McFarlane     Nora Shaw      Gwendaline Smalden              Liz Gilmour               Dawn Redwood 

Kris French          Ellie          Graeme Gilmour          Avril Lawrence  Jo Wolfe       Fiona MacFarlane    
Margaret Fraser    Joyce Cowan  Darren Evans    Keith  Erskine   Adele Jones      Raymond Edwards  

Rita         Helen         Melanie Bayliss      Sandy Briffa     Bob      Tina    Sam Harvey       William aged 3 Months   
Yvonne      Catherine Ann    Wanderly Valente    Karan & Children     Romeo   Elizabeth     Tony 

Uncle Christy     Karan     Alison & Family    Lyndsey Mccabe    Libby     Daivid Vanstone     
Douglas Wilson     Amanda      Margaret Hartley   Chris Mcnahon  Stacey Fraser    Sarah-Jane Fraser    
Ian Thomas  Theresa Bowie    Dylan Evans aged 8    Wendy Taylor    Leighton Taylor  Adam Taylor      
Gwyneth Davies      Sue          Noami Sebastian      Jeremy Tribbyoni         Nicola Davies       
Janette Mountjoy   Joshua Mountjoy aged 2     Baby FFion 6 wks   Gwyneth Davies    Nicola Evans     
William Sayers      Layla     Lindsey Hughes       Mair      Luis Otavio Valente Barcellos      
Maria Jose Valente        Allan Thomas  Catherine Thomas     Bronwen Arkinsaw     Emma & Sian Rees   
Debbie Evans    John Merriman  Hilda Goldsmith     Clive Perkins   Stuart Price   Andrea Williams    
Baby James Thomas        Judy     Margo Linton     Stewart Halliday       Doreen Roberts & Megan        
Margaret Williams       little Seren           Joshua Chiplin     Jenny Scull     Leigh Gameson     Jenny Bolt    
Richard Roberts   Caroline Smith   Brian Davies   Rory Richards    Tia Richards   Louise Richards  
Baby Jayden      Shirley Griffiths   Mitsie Davies   Lee Richards     Mathew Smith    Eunice Rees  
Ray Morgan    Leigh Gameson    Andrew Jones    Claudia Koeze   Elena Howard   Carol (Bennett ) Ennis   
Pebbles & Pipa     Ronald Broughton   Mrs Nelie Carandang    Caroline    Michael Percival     Marie    
Lindsey Hughes    Liz Llewelyn   Pat Emery     Alyson Rice    Ann Derrick    Elizabeth   Elaine   
David Thickins      Paul Powel   Stephen Meek   Jackie Brown   George Brown   Mathew Smith   

                Gail Osborne(maerdy)   Paul Kennedy   Kevin Dorian      Antony     
Gareth Stone  
Susan Moses   Francis Taylor  Callum Cultruss   Danielle White  

Francis Ashcroft   Emma Takata   Margaret Bryne  Wendy Byrne   Sabrine Byrne

Christopher Byrne   John Byrne   Christy Byrne     Glyn    Tina Mountjoy

Eddie French  Debbie Mountjoy   Helen Robinson   Sam Pooley (15)

Leanne Brown   Mary Pearson   Rita & Vic Jackson   Julie Nicholas

Antony Cooper   Sharon Meredith    Doreen Smith   Logan Rodrick Age 2   John Roberts

Thomas O'Brian   Donna Mason   Carla Morgan   Gary Mason    Nicola Hill

Joanne Morris      Baby Kai   Tia Richards    Brian Davies   Des Price  Sian  Roy Lee

Colin Jones   Freda    Jean Clarke    Jayden Rolls(Age 2)   Nannie Porch

Wayne Pooley    Sophie Louise Mae Emery (prem baby)    Allan Price

Mary Curtis    Margaret Hembrow     Rhys (21)     Elvis Armstrong      Mackenzie Jones aged 6 

 Sue Berlow     Sue McAvoy       Julie Perry   Linda Baker     David.C.    Kelly    Rose    Landis Mcculloch    

Michelle Grey-Chamberlain      Adrianne Seldon     Adam North     Yvonne Lewis   Ann John


David Walsh    Jackie Walsh     Pam Turley     Jill Gover


Gary Rees          Wayne Davies      Mike Walsh     Michelle Evans    John Marti   Polly Davies


If you, a relation, or a friend wish to be included

in our Absent Healing book

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